Dr. Wilke Becomes Member of the PCSI Executive Board

Dr. Michael Wilke was elected at the general meeting in Sydney on October 11th 2017 and will be responsible for the fields of DRG research and health system development.
Among other things, he will initiate a "World Map of Health Data" as a project. The aim is to show researchers from all over the world which health data is available for research purposes as well as which institutions they can contact in each country. Dr. Michael Wilke has been a member of the PSCI since 1999 and organized the conference in Munich in 2010.

Since its foundation in 1986, PCSI has been dealing with the design of patient classification systems and the organization of health care in various countries. In addition to the annual conferences (2017: Sydney; 2018: Warsaw) the "SummerSchool" and the "WinterSchool" will take place, offering participants the opportunity
to learn basics and secrets of the issue from world-renowned experts. Furthermore, PCSI supports the participation of people from poor or emerging countries in the conference with its Hardship Fund.
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