Associations and Scientific Societies

In Germany, there are a number of associations and medical societies, who work as scientists and researchers in their respective field of medicine. They organize professional annual meetings and conventions, offer CME (continuous medical education) and publish studies and guidelines. In addition, however, they also take part in the political discourse, some of which may impact your respective product and your field of medicine. Throughout the history of our company we have been in regular collaboration and cooperation with many of them.

One of the ways we support your work is connecting you with the right people in these associations and societies. For example: in the process of establishing innovative methods the societies play an important role, as some of the applications (e.g. to DIMDI) can only be facilitated through them.
In our domestic business, we have a number of projects where we directly collaborate with these societies. Therefore, we are well acquainted with the key opinion leaders within these associations and societies.

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DRG Optimization

As an association or professional society, you deal very intensively with your services in the DRG system.

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Other remuneration forms

Outside of hospitals that bill according to diagnosis-related case groups, a variety of forms of reimbursement exist in the German health care system.

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