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Manage your life with enthusiasm and you will have all men on board. We will show you how to reach this goal. You Cannot Direct the Wind, but You Can Adjust the Sails.

Our Services

Personal coaching

Whether you are facing new challenges or a change in your career: the solutions are already there. Let our experienced and certified colleagues help you explore your hidden potential.
Systemic coaching aims at discovering solutions, unused skills and potential in your personality. Together we will rather focus on your new goals and how to reach them than analyze your problems.

Team coaching

People are successful when they work in a team. The famous brain researcher Gerald Hüther found out that the ability of collaborative action is the fundamental difference between human beings and animals. However, even experienced teams may find new challenges very demanding. Benefit from the experience, creativity and inspiration of our systemic coaches who will help you make the teams in your company work successfully.

Conflict counseling

Change often leads to conflicts in teams. Every unresolved issue will eventually have a negative impact on productivity. Employees may be off sick more often, or they may start thinking of looking for a new job. Now is the time to act!
Every conflict is a chance to change things for the better. In order to solve problems, people need to talk to each other. We will help you improve communication and solve conflicts.