Market Access for Medical Technology
and pharmaceutical industry

Medicine thrives on new ideas. Whether in the pharmaceutical industry, medical technology or diagnostics, new products enter the German market every year. In times of scarce financial resources in the healthcare systems of all industrialized nations, diagnostic and therapeutic methods are only used if they make clinical and economic sense. This applies to established methods, but especially to innovations.

In addition to development and approval, integration into the German financing system is a critical success factor. The ongoing legal changes in §§ 137c, 137e and 137h make it even more important to develop and implement a well-planned market entry strategy.

A successful market entry strategy coupled with clinical economic research, smart apps and a well-trained sales team, will determine your success in the market.

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Market Access

One thing is common to all innovative products: A well-structured, professional market entry is essential to commercial success!

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Clinical-Economic Research

What is the relationship between the introduction of new clinical products and their respective economic impact?

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Sales Support

For a successful introduction of innovative products into Germany and other European countries, a clear benefit for the patient is not enough.

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Intelligent Applications

Your product has to convince the market. For this purpose, your sales team will meet up with physicians, medical controllers and purchasing agents.

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