inspiring-health has created a competent and reliable network. We have been working effectively and trustfully with our partner companies for many years. The working world thrives on constructive exchange and so we are pleased to introduce some of our partners to you here.

4A Solutions

4A Solutions develops customized software solutions for customer-specific requirements. With an experienced team of software engineers, the company has a broad technological knowledge. The focus is on internet and intranet solutions as well as mobile applications (apps).


With around 15,000 contacts, the health forums are the network partner for players in the healthcare industry. In user groups, workshops and specialist symposia, they offer their customers various communication platforms and let them participate in this network. At the more than 30 topic-specific events with 1,800 participants a year, the health forums discuss current developments in healthcare and generate new knowledge.

GesundheitsVerbund Nord

GesundheitsVerbund Nord is the largest lobby group-independent healthcare network from northern Germany with more than 90 partners and supporters. Our partners include doctors, hospitals, health insurance companies, nursing services, retirement homes, pharmacies, medical technology manufacturers and many more.

The permanent goal of the GesundheitsVerbund Nord is to provide a platform for doctors, hospitals, health insurance companies, nursing services, retirement homes, pharmacies, medical supply stores and other players in the healthcare sector to work together to provide optimal medical care: For better and more effective patient care.

Interasco GmbH

Interasco is an established solution provider that develops, implements and deploys industry-specific enterprise solutions based on its eFiLiA platform.

At Interasco, experienced IT experts develop customized software and integrated individual solutions for companies. Based on the file-based enterprise content management system eFiLiA, a wide variety of company- and subject-specific processes are mapped, integrated and optimally supported in terms of information technology using the latest software development processes and sophisticated quality management. eFiLiA is used by companies ranging from corporate groups to small and medium-sized enterprises and forms the optimal platform for mapping file-related processes.


The principle of simplexity
The art of managing a hospital lies in being able to see through a complex system,
in order to make well-founded decisions, in order to be able to steer safely towards goals.

It is our claim to present even complex processes, figures and dependencies in a simple form.
Without loss of depth, but with the gain of an overview.