10 years of DRG project with the German Society of Gastroenterology (DGVS)

A success story

In 2012, the DGVS launched a project together with inspiring-health to improve the mapping of gastroenterological services in hospitals through the DRG system.

The DGVS DRG project became a success story. Since 2015, an average of more than 30 applications have been submitted annually to BfArM/DIMDI and InEK. Over 130 of these have been implemented by InEK. On the one hand, this is due to a dialog between the professional society and InEK moderated by inspiring-health, but the decisive success factor is the company's own annual cost calculation with over 50 costing houses. This cost calculation enables inspiring-health to make targeted applications for gastroenterology based on its own statistical analyses.

Why a DRG project?

Particularly in the case of endoscopic services, it has become apparent that in many hospitals the calculated data obviously do not always correspond to the real costs incurred per case.

Since the calculation of DRGs is a complex and dynamic process, which is adjusted every year by the InEK (Institute for the Hospital Remuneration System) on the basis of the data of the calculating hospitals, the DGVS together with inspiring-health has started the DGVS DRG project.

The DGVS DRG project with inspiring-health

In 2012, the DGVS together with inspiring-health started a project to improve the mapping of gastroenterological services in hospitals by the DRG system. The focus is on the one hand on the medical classification of gastroenterological services and on the other hand on an appropriate consideration of physicians' actions in the calculation.


First analysis and workshop with the board of the DGVS, Dr. Martin Braun and Prof. Michael  Wilke (inspiring-health)

Starting signal for the cost calculation project:
In the first year, 30 clinics participate.
From this point on, annual presentations at the congress "Visceral Medicine" by representatives of the DGVS DRG Commission, InEK and inspiring-health.

A new service catalog for cost calculation is developed.
From now on, annual update of the DGVS coding guide by inspiring-health.
More than 40 clinics participate in the cost calculation.

Definition of time recording in the S2K guideline as gold standard for costing hospitals.
Validation of the service catalog with over 120 clinics through a time recording study conducted by inspiring-health.
For the first time, more than 50 clinics participate in costing.

Publication of the service catalog.
The DGVS service catalog becomes an official part of the InEK calculation manual.
Additional event "DRG Interaktiv" in January becomes a regular meeting between chief physicians of gastroenterology, financial controllers and experts from inspiring-health.

Publication of a cost catalog for gastrological endoscopy based on data
From over 70 hospitals over 5 years.

Over 30 applications submitted to InEK and DIMDI annually.

10 years DGVS-DRG project!
Complete revision of the DGVS coding guide.
First economic evaluation of outpatient gastroenterological services by inspiring-health.